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Livida Solutions Products Have A Long History Of Success.  Tens of Thousands Have Used Our Products And Experienced Unprecedented Health And Wellness.

Miracle II Products From A Top Distributor

Since 1982, Miracle II Products Have Been Helping People Around the World Live Stronger and Healthier Lives.  These Products Have Had Staying Power Because They Are Effective And Frankly, They Work.  Livida Solutions Has Been The Largest Distributor Of Miracle II Products and Continues To Offer Them As They Have Changed Countless Lives.

Customer Testimonial For The Body Rejuvenator

I had spent 4 years in bed, most of the time in a fetal position practically unable to move Then I found the Body Rejuvenator!

“It all started with being very depressed and losing my memory. I was a public speaker who used to speak to thousands of people. I would be conducting a presentation that I’d done a thousand times and suddenly forget where I was. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me. I started hurting all over and my joints were aching. The final thing that sent me over the edge was my skin started falling off my body-literally falling off my body! I’d be in the shower and just watch chunks of my skin fall away. The doctors couldn’t diagnose it and I started taking three pints of blood a week because this mysterious illness was destroying my blood supply. I finally found a doctor that diagnosed it as Mycotoxin exposure. The only thing they could tell me was that I had an autoimmune disease that didn’t have a name. They put me on a drug that cost $20,000 a week (Yes, a week). It was helping a little but my insurance cut me off. 

“I was without hope when my friend Joanne came along and told me about the Body Rejuvenator. She said, “How have you been?” I said, “Joanne, you wouldn’t believe it. You probably aren’t familiar with them, but I’ve got Mycotoxins in my body and I can’t get rid of them.” She said, “Come over and see me, I think I have something for you.” She put me on the Body Rejuvenator and the Miracle cleansing program, within days I started feeling great!

“Prior to discovering the Body Rejuvenator, I was so sick that I spent 4 years in bed, most of the time in a fetal position-just unable to move. My body was constantly trying to break down. Before I drank my first ounce of the Body Rejuvenator, I couldn’t even get my thoughts together to make a sentence. Within only four days after starting on the Body Rejuvenator, my mental clarity improved a lot and my energy increased profoundly. 

The Body Rejuvenator has completely changed my life!”


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