About Us

A Health And Wellness Company With Compassion And Results

Anthony and Joann Mula founded Miracle Solutions in the year 2000 as a ministry and it remains that way today. The company foundations and structure are designed to establish health and success for each person. The company products are easily shared with friends and family and the systems are in place for anyone who has the desire to market these life changing products over the Internet.

We have a nutritional line, household product line and personal care product line. The combination of these lines, create the foundation for an individual to truly enjoy a healthy life. Maintaining a company foundation of faith and integrity, Anthony and Joann have surrounded themselves with successful business minds to expand the company.

In April 2003, the new line of Natur-Aly™ wellness products joined the signature Solutions line of fine products. The Natur-Aly™ products use herbs from nature to provide beneficial results.

2004 was filled with excitement, changes, new products, blessings and great customer stories about the products. The Solutions line expanded with more Natur-Aly™ products including the research proven Body Rejuvenator.

The company not only believes in our products, but supports and continues research on the products. In 2005, the 2nd clinical trial of Body Rejuvenator Natur-Aly™ was completed with outstanding results. Participants taking Body Rejuvenator in a double blind randomized study demonstrated up to a 50% reduction in blood sugar for Type II diabetes and up to a 60% reduction in cholesterol and positive impact on Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Immune Profile and C-Reactive Proteins

Here at Lafayette Miracle Solutions, we continue to research and develop new products to improve the health and well being of our customers, friends and families. We look forward to the future with great anticipation and invite you to explore our website and consider adding our outstanding line of products to your health and nutritional plan.

As always, our heartfelt prayer is that you too can experience the rewards of our products and may God’s favor always be with you.